Why choose PZAZ?

Outstanding Progress

Our scheme contains over 400 easy to resource practical activities. Your pupils will gain real competence in the science skills of planning investigations, gathering, presenting and analysing results, and critical evaluation of their experiments - no matter their age or demographic. They will also gain a true love of finding out about the world around them!

Confident Teachers

PZAZ’s unique method for teaching science is simply conveyed to non-specialist teachers through our suite of CPD videos covering all practical activities, science knowledge and the working scientifically statements of the national curriculum. When you see the levels of engagement in science lessons and the results achieved, there will be no going back!

Low Fixed Annual Cost

Annual subscription to PZAZ costs just £99, no matter the size of your school or number of users. When you consider the scope of material you receive from us and the results you’ll achieve, it represents incredible value for money. We’re confident it will be one of the best investments you ever make for your school.

How we can help you as a:

How we can help you as a teacher

If you are like 97% of primary teachers, you are not a science specialist. You may find that you don’t have the highest confidence when teaching science and planning lessons and producing resources takes up a lot of your time.

PZAZ takes care of all of this for you. Our scheme provides you with access to a lesson plan for every statement in the national curriculum, a lesson PowerPoint, all printable resources and to improve your confidence, a training video for each lesson which will show you how to do the practical work step by step and give simple explanations of the science in each topic.


How we can help you as a headteacher

£99 per year. That is all that a subscription to PZAZ costs - no strings attached. No minimum membership period, no tiered access, no requirement to buy equipment and certainly no punishing your school pricewise because you have a higher than average pupil cohort or staff users.


How we can help you as a science co-ordinator

Complete coverage of the national curriculum. Outstanding pupil progress. All teaching staff upskilled through video training. But how can PZAZ help you? PZAZ is not just an incredibly comprehensive science scheme for teachers, you will have access to your own science coordinator area that allows you to efficiently manage the science function in your school. You will have all the tools at your disposal to provide evidence for when you get the dreaded call for inspection.