How We Can Help You As A Teacher

If you are like 97% of primary teachers, you are not a science specialist. You may find that you don’t have the highest confidence when teaching science and planning lessons and producing resources takes up a lot of your time.

PZAZ takes care of all of this for you. Our scheme provides you with access to a lesson plan for every statement in the national curriculum, a lesson PowerPoint, all printable resources and to improve your confidence, a training video for each lesson which will show you how to do the practical work step by step and give simple explanations of the science in each topic.

As each lesson plan covers at least 2 weeks of teaching, the practical activities only need to be resourced once a fortnight with materials that you already have in your school or are easy to obtain.

But that is not all. There are also knowledge organisers and keyword glossaries, summative assessments and tracking tools, long term memory quizzes and the biographies of the greatest scientists in history. We are keen to promote the contribution of women to science advancement and these biographies show girls that there are many role models for them!

Access to all this invaluable teaching material will only cost your school £99 per year, no matter how many pupils or teachers who will use PZAZ.

So speak to your science coordinator or Headteacher today!