What Your Colleagues Say About PZAZ:

'These resources are superb! The quality of planning, the worksheets and the videos together make an absolutely brilliant package. I love that you include assessments and knowledge organisers as well as tracking sheets and progression charts. I really can't say enough how impressed I am with your site - much better than anything else on the market and I've been teaching science for 20 years and am very fussy about science resources! I am so excited to have discovered PZAZ.'
Jo, Year 6 teacher, Bristol

"My school started using PZAZ in October 2019 and it has transformed my science lessons. I must admit science was not the strongest subject in school but now that we have access to the CPD videos for each lesson, my confidence and that of my colleagues has gone through the roof! 32 kids greet me every Thursday with ‘Are we doing a practical today Miss?’ – their engagement with each lesson has been incredible and their progress has been pretty impressive too – even my SEN pupils."
Sam, Science Coordinator and Year 4 teacher, Liverpool

"I found the PZAZ resources incredibly useful for remotely teaching science during the COVID crisis. As the practical work could be done with a minimum of specialist equipment, pupils could even do experiments at home! One lesson that stood out for me was the Heart and Circulatory System, where pupils made their own heart models from 3 bottles, some straws, tape, water and food colouring. They loved that their models actually pumped ‘blood’, and the learning that came out of it was incredible considering they were not even in school. PZAZ is the scheme for me going forward!"
Nat, Year 6 teacher, Nantwich

"I haven’t had to produce any resources for lessons since I started using PZAZ and I haven’t even had to do any research for ideas for experiments – it’s all done for me. The biggest thing for me have been the improvements in the kids use of language and there has been some fantastic thinking done in my science lessons. I know that the other teachers here feel the same. I think that is down to the variety and regularity of practical work in the scheme. The school didn’t need to buy loads of equipment either, the only specialist equipment I needed for the whole year was thermometers and a couple of fluorescent light bulbs, the rest was household items that the kids brought in or school-supplied."
Melanie, Year 1 teacher, Southport